Poetry International

Since 2009, I’ve worked as the Managing Editor for Poetry International literary journal, an annual journal published in San Diego that features new work in English alongside translations from around the world. Working with Editor in Chief Ilya Kaminsky, graduate and undergraduate students from SDSU, and talented local designers to create this beautiful annual anthology is one of the great pleasures of my year. It’s so exciting to see the issue take shape. For our 2019 issue, I also had the pleasure of editing a feature section, Letters From…: Global Correspondences, a compilation of letters from poets around the world, published over the last several years on Poetry International Online.

Here’s some nice words folks have had for Poetry International:

“It’s like diving for pearls in pearl-infested waters.” – Fady Joudah

“Just got the most beautiful copy! This is a magnificent collection, one of a kind! Thank you so much!” —Juan Felipe Herrera

Currently, I’m also editing Poetry International Online, which publishes book reviews, interviews with poets, forums on poetics, including Poetry in a Time of Crisis and Poetry of the Border, and, of course, the Letters. Poetry International Online also hosts a growing archive of work published in Poetry International over the last twenty years, with more poems added on a daily basis.

So: if you’re looking for a long read (two poems a day, and it’ll last you the year), be sure to check out the Poetry International website, and if you’re looking for what to read next, head to Poetry International Online!

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